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Life may not be predictable, but at least your energy should be.

Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Margot.

Tired men and women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s come to me for naturopathic care to balance hormones, correct deficiencies, and improve gut health to finally feel recharged.

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CONO Registered
Dr. Margot ND - Virtual 1Naturopathic care in Toronto
Dr. Margot ND - In person 1:1 Naturopathic care in Toronto
Dr. Margot ND - In person 1:1 Naturopathic care in Toronto
Dr. Margot ND - In person 1:1 Naturopathic care in Toronto

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Naturopathic Care

Through my signature Cornerstone Methodology, we will assess and optimize to balance hormones, correct deficiencies, and improve gut health so that you can beat fatigue and feel fully recharged. Naturopathic care is available in person and virtually!

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Thinking it *might* be your hormones?

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, you’re probably balancing the demands of a career, family, home, relationships, and more. All that requires a lot of energy! Even though you know the basics and do your best to eat healthy and exercise, you don’t feel great. Maybe you have indigestion, restless sleep, erratic moods, PMS (if you’re a woman), or just feel stressed out and exhausted all the time. You think it might be your hormones, but all your routine labs are normal. Sound familiar?

You are not alone! I have a system to get you back to feeling your best.

Doctor Margot's
Six Cornerstones of Health
Dr. Margot ND - Cornerstones of health
Sleep & Energy
Sex Hormones
Detox & Skin
Diet & Digestion
Mood & Stresss
immune imbalance
Dr. Margot ND - Cornerstones of health

What most people don’t realize is that there is so much more to hormones than just testosterone and estrogen! 

While it’s true that your hormones may be off, the root cause could be cortisol imbalance (stress), thyroid function (metabolism), insulin resistance (blood sugar), gut health (digestion), or nervous system regulation (brain health).

So yes. It may be your hormones. But to correct the problem, we will test, track, and treat all of the cornerstones of your health.

Think of it as redefining hormonal balance.

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Whatever brought you here; you’re in the right place.
Now it's time to choose your next step!

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The Complete Fatigue Blood Work Checklist
  • Why there's more to homones than estrogen and testosterone
  • 15+ blood tests toconsider when evaluating hormones
  • Key nutrients not easily measured by labs
  • Lifestlye considerations for hormonal health
Finally run the right tests!
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Optimal You Starter Kit
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  • 6 easy steps to assess how you symptoms connect
  • Tips to enhance the cornerstones of health
  • Practical actions to take right away
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The Ultimate Fatigue Roadmap Course
Digital Download
  • A six-week guide to understanding the hormonal impact on fatigue
  • Discover how to interpret your data and perform additional testing options
  • Finally learn die, lifestyle , & supplement strategies to feel authentically energized
  • One free 30 minute call with Dr. Margot included!
Perfect for anyone feeling exhausted!
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Feeling better does not need to be complicated or overwhelming.
I have successfully helped hundreds of men and women experience dramatic shifts in their energy and health—often by making small changes. I’m confident that together we can make that a reality for you too.
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Find Doctor Margot ND on Instagram @doctormargotnd
Find Doctor Margot ND on Instagram @doctormargotnd
Find Doctor Margot ND on Instagram @doctormargotnd
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Don't miss my FREE Complete Fatigue BloodWork Checklist. When all of your routine labs look “normal” but you know something is off, it’s time to look deeper. This guide gives you a list of other possible factors that might be at the root of the problem.

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