The Ultimate Fatigue Roadmap Course

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you struggling with your energy, moods, digestion, or just not feeling like yourself?

  • Do you feel stuck in a cycle of restless nights and constant exhaustion?

  • Are you trying to make healthy choices but can’t seem to stay motivated?

  • Do you fall back on caffeine, sugar, or alcohol just to get through it all?

  • Have you had your labs checked but everything checks out “normal”?

  • Do you wonder if the cause might be your hormones don’t really know how to find out?

This course is for tired adults in their 20s, 30s, or 40s looking for answers to
what might be driving their fatigue—and who want to take simple steps
toward feeling better

Dr. Margot ND - A Naturopathic doctor working in Toronto and virtually online.


I’m guessing that if you struggle with fatigue, you may also be experiencing other subtle issues—like restless sleep, anxious thoughts, gas and bloating, unexplained skin breakouts, or mood swings. 

Truth is that fatigue rarely happens in a vacuum.  

The Ultimate Fatigue Roadmap works because it accounts for the interactions between all of your body systems, including hormones, gut health, detoxification, and nervous system regulation.  

This is not a quick fix.  

This is a 6-week roadmap to help you understand the root causes and regain control over your energy.  

You’ll get a 6-week roadmap to
revitalize your energy in a
natural and sustainable way.

About this course

This course gives you instant access to a digital download that guides you through a 6-week process to understand the most common (yet overlooked) causes of fatigue. It is self-paced so that you can go through the material and implement small changes into your daily routine in your own time and on your own terms.  

Perfect for busy professionals or parents!

The Details

To make this course as convenient as possible, all of the information you need is instantly available to you as a downloadable PDF. That document will guide you through the entire6-week process.  Each week you’ll learn about one key hormone that affects energy levels (such as cortisol, insulin, melatonin, thyroid, and more!). You’ll learn how to recognize what might be driving your fatigue and get nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation options to support consistent energy levels.

Once you complete the course, you will unlock access to a private 30-minute consultation with Dr.Margot! This is your chance to get any questions answered that may have come up during the course.  This call is also an opportunity to discuss how we can work together to interpret your data, perform additional testing and take your health a step further with a strategy of personalized treatment recommendations.

what you'll learn


Science of hormones and energy level links explained in detail.


Essential tracking, testing: blood work for hormone, nutrient levels.


Strategic lifestyle, diet, supplement changes for improvement.


A detailed case study from professional naturopathic practice.


Weekly checklist summarizing key lifestyle and health changes.


Regular tracker and reflections for gaining insightful knowledge.

‍If you are exhausted and *think* it might be your hormones but don’t know what todo next… 

This course is what you do next.  

 I am a Naturopathic Doctor with extensive experience working with hundreds of patients struggling with exhaustion. While I would happily work with you as a 1:1 patient, this course provides you with the foundational elements I have found to be relevant to most people wanting to improve their energy levels and feel better—at a fraction of the cost.  

The investment is only $175. 

Energy has a domino effect on everything else in your life. Just think what sort of return on investment that could get for you.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be the person who walks into every room radiating energy and health?

I believe that’s possible for you.  

Feeling better does not need to be complicated or overwhelming. You deserve to beat fatigue and feel fully recharged. That starts with this roadmap.

Your future self will thank you! 

When you’re in your 20s,30s, and 40s, you are still young! Everything you do to (and for) your body today will affect your health, happiness, motivation, productivity, and success tomorrow. I hope to see you inside the course.  

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